Portrait of a Child

The practical meaning of the portrait

Portrait is a favorite genre of art for Nicolay Boulychev.

A special feature of many portraits made to order, is the fullness of their character and purpose in the life of the individual.  You can do a portrait and photographs, but communication between customer and artist is important thing and even such subtleties as the voice timbre has its own value.

On the one hand the portrait may be an important part of the interior. Modern large areas of apartments and houses require a sign of fullness.

Portrait - this picture image of man, his personality, visual characteristics.

Traditionally, when creating a portrait, the main task of the artist is a similarity of images not only copied the exterior of the portrait: clothing, hairstyle, jewelry but also the image of his inner world, character. If you do not try to bring the holistic aspect of man, the portrait will be superficial.

How best to do when we have to show a portrait of originality, mood? First, we must examine the main features of the model, the characteristic features of his face, draw attention to the behaviors - quiet or energetic. Secondly, if a person you don’t know will not prevent to know him or her better, this will help you a normal conversation. The motive for the creation of a portrait can be anything - from the usual order, which happens often, the desire to impress upon the memory of man.

When portrait is crating draw attention to the fact that the overall shape of the head (face) defined to all forms of parts (nose, ears, eyes, mouth, etc.) and other notable features of a person look perfectly.  This applies both to detail, and to color. Everything must be subordinated to the overall composition.   By changing the composition, the artist creates a separate world and puts the person into. Nicholas can create a realistic portrait, surreal, fantastic style. Portrait can be executed in different techniques, such as: pictorial art (oil on canvas, paper, and watercolor gouache), graphics (pencil, sanguine, charcoal, limestone, sepia, retouching and others).

What is interesting in portraits? Seeing pictures of people who lived several centuries ago and maybe a few years, we see the history of mankind. Artists are the contemporaries of those who are portrayed as mean, exactly convey the era, providing people with much more information. Especially interesting are portraits of famous historical figures. Indeed, as mentioned earlier, we can learn not only the person's appearance, but also to look into his inner world.

Portrait can be filled with the trappings, symbols, etc., as in the environment (background) of the portrait and his clothes, made of correct technology it can be stored for many decades without losing the brightness of colors. Portrait valuable and it is an exclusive product that is distinct from photographs. Portrait can become heirloom and passed down through generations for each family.

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